Ibrina Noel Lopez

Ibrina Noel Lopez
Born October 1, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November News

Here's the latest picture of Miss Ibrina! She is almost 4 pounds, over 16 inches long & drinking from a bottle!! Although she gets most of her nutrition from her NG Tube, this is a huge step towards her being able to come home...(eating, swallowing, breathing!!). She got moved to the Level 2 NICU, which means she no longer needs constant 1 on 1 monitoring. Cathy and Xavier (& Marcus) are overjoyed at her progress and are able to bond with her so much more deeply now that she can be held. She is quite the little fighter...pray for the teenage years!! Cathy is having a shower on Saturday, so more pictures coming soon! Thank you so much for continued prayers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11-4 Update (Blessings!!)

Ibrina is doing great today!! She got taken completely off of her ventilator! Praise God she is breathing on her own AND we can now clearly see her sweet face! Another great bit of news. Cathy spoke with the nurses at 3:30 this morning and since Ibrina has been able to maintain her body temperature so well, Xavier will get to hold her today for the 1st time. All restriction on touch and time out of the incubator have been lifted!! I look forward to holding her soon :)!

Xavier officially started his 1st day of work today (at the new job). He has completed all of the orientation classes and they feel so blessed by this new opportunity.

Marcus has been doing great! He helped some neighbors with IKE relief (raked their yard, carried trash and limbs, etc), and they thanked him over the weekend with 3 tickets to the Aeros game! So, their family got a much needed break for the norm and enjoyed an evening together!!

Thank you for your continued prayer for Ibrina and her family! I'll keep you posted on her amazing progress!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Praise & Update 11-1

Okay, lots of great and encouraging news about Miss Ibrina today! She officially weighs 2lbs. 13ozs. today. She is still getting to love and hold her mommy each day for 30 minutes. And as long as her oxygen levels stay up she will be taken completely off of the ventilator in the next 2 or 3 days!!! Also her feedings are going great (obvious by her weight gain).

So, we are asking for specific prayer for the following things: that her blood gases stay within normal range so that she can be taken off of the ventilator (tests are done each morning at 4am), that she continues to gain weight and tolerate her feedings, and that she has a bowel movement soon (because they slowed her feedings down she hasn't gone at all in the past week or so). And continue to praise and bless our Creator for the miracles that He is allowing us to witness through this beautiful child!