Ibrina Noel Lopez

Ibrina Noel Lopez
Born October 1, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10-29 Update

First, thank you to everyone for praying for Ibrina! She had a pretty rough week last week. She had 2 blood transfusions, a platelet (sp?) transfusion and a catheter inserted. She was also taken completely off of her feedings and put back on zero stimulation. Thankfully her blood tests all came back negative for infection, so they will finish up the round of antibiotics that she's on and she should be better.

This week has been a complete turnaround! She gained some weight, she's a whopping 2lbs. 7ozs.! She is able to be held again. She had her 1st vision screening and her eyes seem to be working normally. All of her levels are up (iron, oxygen, etc.), she's breathing "room air", and she hasn't had any more apnea episodes! Hopefully by early next week they will be able to resume her feeding schedule and she'll start packing on the ounces!

Another praise report...Xavier got offered another job (more money, better benefits and more stability)! Please continue to pray for Ibrina's wellness and for Cathy, Marcus and Xavier as they navigate this new season in their lives. Thank you!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for Ibrina today. Cathy and Xavier got a call at 6 this morning and they think she has developed an infection. Right now she is getting a blood transfusion, but the lab results will take 3 days! They also had to reduce her milk intake from 25ml to 3ml at each feeding...she was spitting alot of it up.
Pray for peace for Cathy and Xavier, complete healing for Ibrina and wisdom for the doctors. And pray for Marcus as he is adjusting to all of this (as a 7th grade boy). I'll update as they find out more! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ibrina's Journey

I've set up this blog to keep up on Ibrina's progress (to read the back story click here). So far she has had an AWESOME week!
She was born 2 weeks ago today, weighing 2 pounds and measuring 13.5 inches. She was only 27 weeks gestation and had a very long road ahead of her! She was intubated, she was on no stimulation orders and it was basically a wait and see diagnosis...which is very frustrating! After losing a little weight right after birth, she is now 2pounds 3 ounces and 14 inches long.
Her first major milestones would be CAT scans at 6 days and 14 days to see if there was any bleeding in her brain...PRAISE GOD, both of those came back negative! Secondly, they needed for her lungs to develop and strengthen so that she could breathe on her own...PRAISE GOD, she has been breathing on her own for 2 days. Next, they needed her to be able to eat and tolerate food....PRAISE GOD, she has gone from 3ml 2 days ago to a whopping 11ml of breast milk today!! And lastly, her Momma wanted desperately to hold her, no machines, no glass incubator....PRAISE GOD, Cathy was able to have skin to skin contact with her today for 30 minutes!
We all know that this is going to be a long road and the up days may be followed by some really hard ones. But today we will revel in the fact that we serve a faithful and fearless God that knows the plans that He has for us.
Thank you for praying for Ibrina & please share your thoughts and prayers for Xavier, Cathy, Marcus and Ibrina...I know that they will appreciate them!